Ryan & Audrey Yeo, owners of Blackfriars Salon & Medi spa have forever believed in the importance of providing their guests with high grade, quality, hair care products. Now, after many years of supporting those high end, well named Brands and helping in building those brands up they have finally had enough...  this choice is due to the fact that those brands become well known because of the tremendous support salons give to them by promoting and recommending specialty brands.  Ryan & Audrey  continually felt disappointed seeing those brands get moved into drug stores and big box stores for cheaper retail.  Why? Because once the brand is build up the quality of the ingredients decreases to lower the cost and make it more affordable for non salon users to purchase,  thus,  the quality drops drastically once they hit the drug and big box stores.... So Ryan and Audrey did something about it....

Believing strongly that only the best products should be used on our guest,  Ryan and Audrey decided to create their OWN HIGH END BRAND!  Blackfriars products are made with only the highest level of ingredients and  made from 100% organic ingredients.  Blackfriars products are also locally made in Ontario, gluten free, cruelty free and free of SLS. We could not be more proud of our accomplishments in being able to serve you the best!

Blackfriars products not only have a great price point, but they perform at a high level!  Delivering the results your hair deserves.

Blackfriars Product Line
Includes a multitude of shampoo's, conditioners & Styling products that are made for all hair types.

Milk Shake Product Line:
Milkshake Hair Products start their range of professional shampoos which are made using a mixture of professional salon ingredients with natural additions in order to give you the highest quality hair products. Milkshake Hair Products have arranged their shampoo range to cover all types of hair and the quality of these shampoos is respected in professional hair care salons around the world.
No matter what type of hair you have, Milkshake Hair Products have the way of looking after your natural beauty. 

Moroccan Oil Product Line:
Created for all hair types!  Has both styling and conditioning benefits.  Moroccan Oil contains Argan Oil which creates long lasting smoothness, increases manageability, speeds up blow-dry time and adds shine.

* in the event of a price difference the price at the salon will be what the one that is billed
Return Policy - No returns no exchanges