partial highlight - 120+
    15-18 foiled highlights and/or lowlights, toner, wash, scalp massage and blow dry
        **heat styling extra

full highlight - 150+
    30-35 foiled highlights and/or lowlights, toner, wash, scalp massage and blow dry
        **heat styling extra

root touch up - 65+
    colour applied to roots, wash, scalp massage and blow dry
        **heat styling extra

all over colour - 80+
    one colour applied from roots to ends, wash, scalp massage and blow dry
        **heat styling extra

men’s colour and cut - 50+
    includes colour application, wash, cut, scalp massage, and style 

individual foil - 12.50each
    1-14 individual foils, wash. Blow dry / cut is extra

balayage - 165+
    various hand painting techniques used to create a soft, blended highlights     without the regular maintenance of highlights
        **heat styling extra

ombre - 180+
    various techniques used to creative a smooth transition from dark to light, or     from one colour to another
        **heat styling extra

colour add on - 54+
    colour added on to another colour service (ex. roots added to highlights, colour     inbetween foils)
toner (with wash and blow dry) - 55+
    refresh the tone of blonde in between appointments
        **heat styling extra

toner add on - 25+
    refresh the tone of blonde in between appointments when getting another hair service

*** any hair that is longer than the shoulder blades will be charged $21+ for the use of more product and time ***

wash cut blow dry - 56
    consultation, shampoo, conditioner, scalp massage, hair cut, and blow dry
add on haircut  - 40
    haircut added onto colour service
women’s haircut - 40
    hair cut with no wash or blow dry
bang trim - 9
    bang trims are no charge for existing hair clients
men’s cut - 30
    consultation, hair cut, shampoo, scalp massage, style 

kids haircut (12 and under): 17.75
    haircut with no wash and style
kids wash/cut/blow dry (12 and under): 30
    shampoo, conditioner, hair cut and blow dry
Wash and blow dry - 39
    shampoo, condition, scalp massage, and blow dry
        *heat styling extra

add on straightening / curls - 15
    add a style to your wash and blow dry, or colour / cut service

Split End Repair - 30
add on treatment that fills in and binds together broken hair fibers, also     preventing future breakage from styling and environmental stresses. this treatment will last up to 4 weeks in the hair

Milkshake Milk Mask
add on in-sink conditioning treatment comprised of all natural fruit extracts, and milk proteins for dry, dull, or damaged hair. 

Brazillian Blowout - 379+
professional smoothing treatment that lasts up to 12 weeks in the hair. this will not change the curl patten, just eliminate the frizz, and improve the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer. Includes Brazillian Blowout shampoo and conditioner

Chemical services
perm - 120+
    standard, or spiral perm

straightening - shoulder length and shorter - 15
                        longer than shoulder length  - 24
curls - 40
     wash and blow dry not included
Updo - 96
half up / half down - 75
wedding hair trial - 151 (3 styles)

* in the event of a price difference the price at the salon will be what the one that is billed

Please note that our Wash Cut and Blow Dry or Wash and Blow Dry is very different from a wash and style. Blow dry is round brush, style is when you use your flat iron, curling iron or any Hot Service tool.

Extra long hair. Extra long hair is considered any hair from should to elbow length.

*all secondary color's will be charged at a rate of $25

*100% color guarantee when clients use our recommend salon grade shampoo and conditioner to protect their color we guarantee our service, not guaranteed if we are doing a color correction or color from other salon.

Hot Iron Service. What is a Hot Iron service? This is doing curls or flat ironing. A charge is associated with these 2 services .

"If you must cancel your appointment please notify us at least 24 hours prior to the appointment or you will bd for the missed visit. Thank you for respecting what we love doing most, serving you!"

If you arrive late for your appointment your service maybe shorten or cancelled and you will be responsible for full payment of the service. We must respect our other clients confirmed service bookings.

Product returns that was purchase on a Sunday or Monday promotion to receive a 1/2 price service will require payment of full price payment for that service that was initially discounted from purchasing the product.

Product can be returned within 30 days for exchange of new product. Money will only be given back if less than a quarter of the product is used. For exchange or return of funds a valid receipt must be presented or no exchange or money will occur.

* in the event of a price difference the price at the salon will be what the one that is billed - Return Policy - No returns no exchanges