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Blackfriars Signature Pedicures, Manicures and Nails manicure london ontario, pedicures london ontario, hair salon london ontario
Our manicures are done at our manicure bar, we can accommodate 4 people at a time.
Feet- all our pedicure's are lay down pedicures with the lights down with relaxing music

Express Pedicure
Foot soak, quick cuticle and callus work, toe file, shape, moisturizer and polish ~ $39.75

Spa Pedicure
Foot soak, in-depth cuticle and callus work, file, shape, foot and calf massage, polish and a scalp massage ~ $69.00

Express Manicure
In a rush or just have no time for a full manicure. Light cuticle work, file, 
shape, hand cream and polish ~ $25.75

Spa Manicure
In-depth work of the nails and cuticles, polish, shape, hand and arm massage ~ $45.00

Shellac Manicure
File, shape, quick cuticle work, shellac application and moisturizer ~ $30.00

Bio Sculpture Color Overlay 
File, shape, buffing of the nail, cuticle work, application and massage ~ $50.75

Bio Sculpture French Overlay 
File, shape, buffing of the nail, cuticle work, application and massage ~ $65.75

Bio Sculpture Overlay Fill ~ $35.75
*to add shellac to any manicure service is an extra ~ $15.00
**to add 2 week no chip shellac application ~ $20 extra

French Polish ~ $12.75
Paraffin Wax ~ $19.00

Full Manicure ~ $40.75
Men's Sport Pedicure ~ $52.75

Laser Pricing Individual Treatment & Package Price (8 Treatments)
Full Face: $250 or $2000.00
Upper Lip: $75 or $600.00
Chin: $75 or $600.00
SideBurns: $80.00 or $640.00
Stomach $160 or $128.00
Back $200 or $1280.00
Full Legs: $400 or $3200.00
Half Legs: $250.00 or $2000.00
Underarms $155.00 or $920
Arms $200.00 or $1600.00
Bikini Line $100.00 or $800
Brazilian $200 or $1600.00
Full back $450 or $3600.00
Chest $350. or $2800.00
Arms $350 or $2800.00
Half arms $225 or $1800.00
Neck $90 or $720
Our initial promotion will be small body parts 20% off Package Price & Large Body Parts 30% of package Price.
Small body parts are: Lip, chin, side burns, underarms, neck
Large body parts are: Full face, stomach, back, legs, arms, bikini & Brazilian, chest


* in the event of a price difference the price at the salon will be what the one that is billed
Return Policy -
No returns no exchanges
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