spa manicure - 49
hand soak, filing and shaping of the natural nail, scrub, hand massage, and  application of regular polish
spa pedi (8 scents to choose from) - 72
relaxing foot soak, scrub, thorough cuticle and callous work, file shape and polish of the nails, as well as a foot, leg and scalp massage. 60mins
gel polish (shellac) mani - 35
shaping of the nails, tidying of the cuticles, application of light cured polish (shellac) and hand massage
mini mani - 29
shaping of the nails, tidying of the cuticles, hand massage, and regular nail polish application
mini pedi - 49
relaxing foot soak, light cuticle and callous work, foot massage, file and shaping  of the nails, and application of regular nail polish
paraffin add on - 20.75
 warm therapeutic soft wax applied on the hands or feet after a massage
gel polish add on for feet - 10
 light cured polish added on to mini or spa pedicure
french add on - 12
 free hand painting of the classic french polish technique
gel polish removal - 13

* in the event of a price difference the price at the salon will be what the one that is billed
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